Thursday, 23 November 2017

Have You Checked Your Gas Gauge On Your Gas Tank?

Throughout the year, and especially during the winter months, please keep checking your gas gauge on your gas tanks. It is the occupant’s responsibility to let DIO know when the gas is low, at 40% or below. Kalorgas need two working days to deliver from DIO’s notification. Please see photo below for an example, which sits approximately at 65%. Many thanks, DIO.
Information provided by DIO

Open University - Moving into Civilian Life?

​Poster provided by OU & Civvy Street​

SSAFA ForcesLine

​Contact Details for SSAFA Forcesline

Forcesline freephone numbers
Forcesline can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
UK0800 731 4880
Germany0800 1827 395
Cyprus800 91065
Falkland Islands#6111
Rest of the world+44 (0)207 463 9292
To call from Operational Theatres: use Paradigm's phone system and dial the appropriate access number then enter *201 at the PIN prompt.
Information provider SSAFA

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Army Spouses To Be The Focus For New AFF Employment Project

Army spouses to be the focus for new AFF employment project

The Army Families Federation is delighted to announce a new Employment Research project in partnership with the Institute for Employment Research (IER) at the University of Warwick.

After a competitive tender process, the charity has chosen Warwick to conduct research into the real and perceived barriers to employment for Army families. This highly regarded institution will be conducting surveys and interviews with Army spouses and key stakeholders to find out more about the support needed to assist military families into fulfilling careers.
Better research for positive changes
AFF Chief Executive Sara Baade said: “With generous funding from LIBOR, we are now able to dig deeper into the issues surrounding spousal employment.

“We hope to obtain more robust evidence to help us achieve positive change for Army families who want to work, want to improve their skills, but are prevented from doing so for a range of reasons considered as relating to military life.”

Intensive Italian Courses In Naples

Centro Italiano Italian language and culture in Naples and Florence

17, vico Santa Maria dell'Aiuto, 80134 Naples - IT
Ph +39 081.5524331- Fax +39 081.5523023 - email:
Recommended by a Member of Our Community
(they offer 25% discount for Allied Forces and their families)

Please call in to your HIVE for a brochure

Christmas Markets in Germany - Dusseldorf starts 23rd November to 30th December 2017

Düsseldorf's Christmas Market, one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany, casts a spell on it's city centre and turns it into a unique experience for visitors.
Much like Cologne, the Christmas magic will be individually staged at seven locations simultaneously. In the city centre, artistically designed theme worlds invite visitors on a trip of exploration. Seasonally decorated huts will for four weeks turn the city into a winter's fairy tale for the whole family.

Picture and information provided by Dusseldorf's Christmas Markets

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Children's Christmas Party at the ICF

poster provided by the CLO

WO & SNCO'S Christmas Draw

Poster provided by Sgt Waggoner

Developing Leaders & Instructors - Courtesy of ATGA

Poster provided by ATGA

Christmas Fair at Christ Church Naples

Poster provided by Padre Jon